Customer Stories

“Excellent presenter! I could have listened to her all day. She was very exceptional. The best presentation that I have seen in a long time. The content and presentation was excellent.”

CSAE Annual Conference

“This was by far the best session I’ve ever attended at AFP Fundraising Day or Congress! Jill is a phenomenal speaker and has so much knowledge to share. Could have listened to her for the whole day – very intelligent and engaging. Excellent session!”

AFP Annual Conference

“I was absolutely stunned by your presentation at the Women’s Summit. I loved the way you took a very complex, theoretical topic of relational leadership and made it engaging…”

Mars Venus Now

“Jill did an amazing presentation, one of the best motivational seminars I have been to – great dialogue, ideas, take backs. She made us think about issues around how we need to be open to adopting to change and gave us some good tools to go home with.”

Northbridge Insurance

“Jill is a compelling speaker, clearly excited about her studies in relational leadership and bringing a different way of thinking to today’s workplace environment.”

Halton Region

“Jill makes you think and then leaves you with practical ideas you can implement right away. She definitely did her homework! She brings a world of experience, deep passion and incredible enthusiasm to her work. She’s not afraid to share the tough messages about what needs to change in leadership and team work and more critically, she demonstrates how to make those changes.”

Martha Wilder, President, The Wilder Group & Executive Director, Pet Food Association of Canada

“As an organization that prides itself in ground-breaking thought leadership, we needed to go beyond the “same old, same old” motivational talking head and Jill delivered the goods. She challenged us to do better, to be better relational leaders by sharing research that was fresh, information-packed and engaging. Here is a person who lives what she learns.”

Meagan Rockett, CEO & Association Ambassador, Engaging Associations Forum

“Congratulations! The Shatterpoint Leadership presentation was outstanding and became the buzz of our event. Finally, someone who helped us see that there is a brave new way to think about the future of leadership. No clichés here, just strong content and practical insight we can quickly put to work.”

Chuck MacLean, Chair, Family Service Canada