Creating positive change through new approaches to developing leadership is a lasting benefit of our leadership programs and events. The programs are informed by meticulous research, driven by experienced facilitation and infused with experiential approaches that build skillful leadership capabilities including:

Positive Changes
  • Developing Strategic Foresight: Posing the 5 most urgent questions to executive leadership teams to sharpen strategy and performance
  • Leveling the Leadership Playing Field: Creating common understanding and closing the gaps in leadership development among organizational team members
  • Learning New Ways to Learn: Solving wicked problems by exploring new ways to examine problems and opportunities
  • Closing the Gap on Leading and Strategy: Ensuring that leadership capabilities are commensurate with strategic initiatives
  • Building Communication Channels: Equipping leaders and teams with practical skills build stories of strength that better meet organizational challenges
  • Creating Communities of Leaders: Defining, developing and strengthening leadership teams
  • Developing Cultures that Can Withstand Any Attack: Creating cultures of unity, purpose and ethos

What her clients are saying:

“Jill did an amazing presentation, one of the best motivational seminars I have been to – great dialogue, ideas, take backs. She made us think about issues around how we need to be open to adopting to change and gave us some good tools to go home with.”

  -Northbridge Insurance

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