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Shatterpoints, Relational Leadership and Edgewalking: Seven Stories that Will Change your Organization


In this presentation, Dr. Jill Birch draws on 3 decades of business experience and research, shattering deep-seated views that prevent leaders from reaching their potential. She shares her three-prong leadership framework that begins with unleashing the power of “shatterpoints”: cross-road moments of change that inspire new found leadership capabilities. Next, five practices of relational leadership are revealed: performance, empathy, appreciation, reason, and learning. Leaders will look at practical ways that they can be incorporated into every day leadership.

Leaders will then learn about the 7 different kinds of story making that bring relational leadership to life: the story of you, the zinger, the elephant in the room, the leap, the dangerous expert, the all the world’s a stage, and the story of us. If you are looking to bring your leadership to life, this talk will show you how to meld the practical with the profound.

Smashing Silos to Build Collaboration and Drive Results

Relational Leadership

If you’re like many team leaders, you’re finding that what worked in the past isn’t working anymore. Knowing how to facilitate knowledge networks and teams of all types has emerged as one of leadership’s most pressing challenges today.

To meet this test head on, Dr. Jill Birch will explore proven processes that break down silos, build trust, enhance communication and create a safe environment for conversation. In this experiential session, we begin by exploring 5 key questions that relational leaders ask; we’ll then work with the concept of shatterpoints and how they can be used to improve team dynamics. Participants will learn how to elevate group consciousness, develop values, build ethos, build culture and unify purpose. Leaders will share in three story making practices that accelerate team performance in problem solving, meaning making, pattern recognition, and decision making processes.

If you are seeking new insight into how you can catapult team dynamics and performance, this presentation will show you how to accelerate the creation collaborative, healthy and productive workplaces.

Edgewalking and The Strategic Impact of Relational Leadership


How do you stack up in navigating the intersection of leadership, team dynamics, organizational goals and market forces? In one of the most delicate balancing acts leaders face today, Jill will introduce a way to pilot these 4 forces by applying a practical strategic lens. We’ll begin with an overview of 10 major trends impacting our volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. As we encounter these trends, we’ll unpack the power of edgewalking and how leaders are using it to formulate their next moves. Next, we’ll work with the 5 major attributes of relational leadership: performance, empathy, appreciation, reason, and learning. We’ll meld these qualities with seven forms of story making that will support leaders in the practice of developing strategic processes that quickly penetrates context, facilitates pattern recognition and establishes urgency in meeting targets.

If you are a strategic team leader looking for new ways to introduce rapid fire change, this presentation is designed to provide practical analytical skills and deeper insights to achieve strategic objectives.

What her clients are saying:

“Congratulations! The Shatterpoint Leadership presentation was outstanding and became the buzz of our event. Finally, someone who helped us see that there is a brave new way to think about the future of leadership. No clichés here, just strong content and practical insight we can quickly put to work.”

  -Chuck MacLean, Chair, Family Service Canada

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