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Emergence: Reclaiming Your Leadership & Team Strength during COVID-19

As leaders pivot between “what was”, “what is” and “what will be”, visions, missions and values are suddenly being recast. Leaders are assessing where the biggest gaps exist, technically, functionally, and structurally. This means different kinds of behavior and fresh ways of leading will be needed during all phases of the pandemic. In this keynote leaders will explore the five stages of crisis evolution and competencies required to confidently navigate them. Participants will assess their readiness to coach and lead in four critical capabilities including communications, cultural, leadership and managerial competencies. Stories from the trenches will be complemented by key learnings and insights of what organizations have done well and where they may find themselves stumbling. As leaders complete their personalized 2020 COVID-19 Blueprint, they will mix and match key initiatives and strategies with the leadership competencies and behaviours required to succeed.

Hitting Pause to Ignite Your Strategy

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Never before have so many us had moments where we’ve said, “I didn’t see that coming” or “How could I have missed such a crucial piece of information?” As leaders respond to the impact of COVID-19, many lament “Leading is becoming increasingly impossible”. But what if you could find “the possible” during these challenging times? The secret is taking a pause to better understand how you lead in these difficult times. When we understand how leadership happens, relationships improve, costly missteps are avoided, goals more quickly achieved, and decisions taken that are evidence based. In this keynote, you’ll explore a collaborative framework, The 7 Stepping Stones of Relational Leadership™, a process designed to help you and your organization. By making the leap, you’ll lead relationally, building community and growing collective team intelligence.

  • Enrich your leadership to unlock new behaviour
  • Collaborate to create greater alignment and nurture culture
  • Navigate change to awaken strategy
  • Foster higher purpose leadership to ignite commitment, trust and accountability
  • Harness multiple perspectives to drive more evidence-based decisions

Keeping it Real: Building a Culture of Trust

The old adage culture eats strategy for breakfast has morphed: culture now devours everything in its path. The best people, most bullet-proof plans and finely engineered processes have all fallen prey to its silent power. How you respond to the responsibility of nurturing culture is one of the most important legacies of your leadership. From navigating moral mazes to making sound ethical decisions, your words and deeds are the promise of cultural cause-equity.

And forget about clichés of authenticity like “walking the talk” or “having an open door”, these will not engender future generations to your cause – today’s emerging leaders need to not only experience changed culture, they need to see themselves directly contributing to it. They want to be exemplars of higher purpose leadership. This session will explore a framework of five emancipators to help you earn, empower and engender a culture of trust. You’ll be supported to take a leap onto seven stepping stones that prepare you to lead a healthier culture. Beginning with a deep dive into “authentic” behaviour, leaders will more fully appreciate how to foster cultural intelligence through enabling collective and connective intelligence. Appreciating context then fuels the boundless empathy and tireless activism that are touchstones of a healthy culture. As you skip across the stepping stone process, you’ll identify possibility spaces that call for your unique cultural coaching. As a higher purpose leader, you’ll embrace the potential of trust-as-process, enhancing cultural confidence to grow your worth as an inclusive, future-facing organization.

What her clients are saying:

“Congratulations! The Shatterpoint Leadership presentation was outstanding and became the buzz of our event. Finally, someone who helped us see that there is a brave new way to think about the future of leadership. No clichés here, just strong content and practical insight we can quickly put to work.”

-Chuck MacLean, Chair, Family Service Canada

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