Organizations have spent years investing in their people, months in developing new strategy and sometimes, in a matter of days, have seen everything fall apart. Team members leave, strategic objectives slide, mistakes are made – some irreversible – and leaders wonder how everything could go so wrong. As I was to learn, it’s never one thing, it’s usually many things that add up, week after week, that put us in these spectacular predicaments.

I’ve been through as many as many of these situations as my clients, but now I look at things differently. I have a new lens that has helped me to unpack volatile complexities, examine the uncertainty within change efforts, put sector complexities under the microscope and dig down deep into the ambiguity of people problems. I’ve developed two new processes: relational framing and strategic questioning that will help your organization get to the nut of any challenge, dissect the hairiest of problems and excavate the mine fields that prevent major breakthroughs.

Dr. Jill Birch, founder and CEO of BirchGrove, has worked with a wide variety of organizations in Canada, the US, South East Asia and Europe.

She has worked with financial institutions, investment funds, energy producers, not-for-profits, educational institutions, media companies, manufacturers and professional services firms. She has designed and facilitated customized programs ensuring organizations thrive and develop leaderful, learning experiences.   

Our Five Step Process Ensures Your Leadership Learning Needs Are Met

  1. First, we undertake a series of listening post exercises to understand your goals and where you want to go. We conduct conversations with key stakeholders including Board members, CEO, C-Suite, Department Heads, line-managers, employees, customers and/or HR leaders to identify the skills, behaviours, attitude and attributes you are seeking to change. We then hold a series of conversations with the people doing the work and those who report to them. These conversations inform the curriculum design. 
  2. While listening post exercises are being completed, we perform a thorough needs analysis and environmental scan to understand your organization, your sector and your competition.
  3. Customized curriculum is then developed to reflect your strategy, your culture and your competitive environment. This curriculum is designed to leverage the technology your team is currently using including social media, smart phones, and tablets.
  4. A holistic learning process is designed that begins with pre-work, introduced prior to the program with readings, journaling, videos and exercises. Pre-work ensures everyone is aligned when the program commences.
  5. Once the formal segments of the program are complete, post-programs ensure that the learning stays alive and communities of learners continue to share insights, ideas, and ways to grow your organization.

What her clients are saying:

“As an organization that prides itself in ground-breaking thought leadership, we needed to go beyond the “same old, same old” motivational talking head and Jill delivered the goods. She challenged us to do better, to be better relational leaders by sharing research that was fresh, information-packed and engaging. Here is a person who lives what she learns.”

  – Meagan Rockett, CEO & Association Ambassador, Engaging Associations Forum

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