Join the Shatterpoint Movement

Join the Shatterpoint Movement

Some people say that the $65 billion leadership development industry is too big to fail. And yet, it’s failing us as leaders, it’s failing those who support leadership development and those who are actively researching leadership behavior. We haven’t been able to connect the dots well enough among these three vital communities.

The statistics are indictment and speak for themselves. Each year:

  • Over 50% of leaders who are fired leave because of poor decision making, lack luster execution or unethical behaviour
  • Almost 70% of employees who walk out the door say they are leaving because of bad bosses; and
  • To cap it off, almost 70% of all organizational change efforts fail.

This will not stand.

The leadership industry has the best of intentions but is struggling to forge stronger links among organizational needs, cutting edge leadership research, measurement methods and best practices.

To develop more skillful leadership practices, we need a movement from within to make change happen.

If you feel you are not getting the most from leadership investments, I hope you will join this movement that has vision to change the way we think about leadership and how we develop leaders. Whether you are a large, established organization seeking to go beyond current leadership development, an emerging company or start-up, growing your leadership know how is the most important thing you can do to ensure the growth of your organization.

The time has come to affirm that:

  • There is a different way to lead – by becoming a relational leader
  • There is a different way to develop leaders – through identifying and processing our experiences using shatterpoints
  • There is a different way to create a culture of collaboration – through story making.

When we lead relationally, we behave differently. And with this different behavior, our observational skills and our ability to anticipate challenges sharpens. Fewer people move on. This new know-how enriches judgement, problem solving and decision making. With greater clarity, focus and purpose, leadership change becomes possible. Strategy becomes stronger.

Sign up today to become a member of a movement to re-think leadership and how we develop leaders. Join my digital campfire to light a fire for leadership change.